Chrome Apps and Extensions for Writers


A while ago I posted a Collection of Firefox Extensions for Writers. This led me to re-open Chrome and start playing around with it. While chrome is arguably faster ( When it’s not hogging all the system resources it can) and more advanced, as I move away from the Google ecosystem, I find myself using it less and less. Nevertheless, I thought it would be useful to take a look at extensions to turn Chrome into a lean, mean writing machine.

Chome Hosted Apps vs. Packaged apps vs. Extensions

The first thing you notice abut Chrome is that Web Apps can be either an extension or app and that apps can work differently depending on how they’re packaged. Without getting into the tech the differences are basically as follows:

  • Extensions live in the Toolbar or run in the background. They run on whatever current tab you have open. Extensions are often useful for security, sharing and editing web pages.
  • Hosted apps live in the Apps Bookmarklet. They are basically hot links to the web app’s homepage.
  • Packaged apps also live in the Apps Bookmarklet. However, these apps contain all the code needed to run on your machine. they generally open a new window with a stripped down browser that the app runs inside.

Useful Extensions for Writers:

Evernote: By far my favorite notetaking app. I use the “Simplified article” View to save webpages.

Save to Drive: Another research tool. Saves current page to Drive.

Strict Workflow: A REALLY Strict pomodoro timer/Blacklist. Once activated, your time-wasting blacklist is only accessible during timed breaks.

Grammarly: Love the grammarly interface.

Typewriter Sounds: Not useful, but fun. Adds Typewriter clacks and dings when typing in the Browser.

Useful Chrome Apps for Writers:

Gingko: You know how when they market a “ A whole new kind of…” it’s often too difficult to learn the new metphor. Gingko isn’t like that. It uses a three level tree format to organize your work in a structured way similar to Scrivener’s Binder. Templates are included for GTD Productivity and Screenplays ( Among others) and there’s a robust Export that just misses epub. Worth a shot.

Mado, Dillinger, Classeur, Poe, Quill, Stackedit: All Markdown editors. Quill Costs. $.99, others are free. All are slightly different, but work well. Choose one that works for you.

Dropbox: Hosted app drops you to your Dropbox account.

Zoho Wiki: Zoho used to be my favorite web office suite, before Google destroyed them. They’ve still got a nice suite of business apps, but I like the Wiki as a shareable replacement to my preferred zim.

Do it Tomorrow: Simple Task Tracker. Add tasks to today, everything you don’t cross off automatically gets added to tomorrow’s to do list. Amazon’s online Scriptwriting platform.

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