New Google Doc Integrations for Writers: Keep and Wordpress

Google Keep

Google has a strange, if well known, habit of adding and removing features and products on what seem to be whims.

When Keep first appeared, it was little more than a bookmarking app. It was obviously meant to copy key features of Evernote, but didn’t seem to have any special features and was behind the times. over time, however, Google has added functionality. With Evernote limiting access to the free app to two devices, I found that it made sense to switch to Keep, but I was frustrated with the lack of integration with the rest of the Google suite of apps.

That Changed this Month when Google added Keep integration into google docs:

Google Doc Screenshot SHowing Keep

When Selected in the Tools Menu, Keep now pops up as a sidebar showing your most recent notes. Notes can be sorted and searched for just the research note of idea you need, and new notes can be added directly into the doc:

Google Keep in Docs Screenshot

This is great functionality to have and goes a long way towards replacing Scrivener’s inspector for me. Having Notes and research available on the fly is just a great idea for productivity, and combined with the newish Explore button seen in the bottom corner of the editor, makes Docs a seriously mean writing app.

Wordpress for Docs

Recently Wordpress released an official Add-on for Docs too. Accessed through the add-on store, this app allows you to send any doc to a jetpack enabled site as a draft post.:

Wordpress Add-on for Google Docs

Unfortunately, I can’t figure out why Byzantine Roads is inaccessible through Wordpress, but it works with my other blog:

Awesome. Quick and Easy.

Originally published at Byzantine Roads.

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