Hi I’m Bzeebee I made this blog because I thought it may help other people like me. I have ADHD,ADD, and I’m Bipolar also I get sick a lot mostly bronchitis I think it’s because I have asthma I don’t know for sure. But I thought I could talk about my struggles. First of all you may want to get to know me I have a Twin brother we are fraternal ( I’m a girl) I am one minute older than him but he is five inches taller it’s funny how it works out that way huh? Then I have my big sister she may like to bully me a tell me lies or tell me she wish she never knew me but I know deep down she cares about me. Then I have my mom who has MG (Myasthenia gravis) so that’s hard for not just her but our whole family to deal with she was a nurse before my sister was born. Last There is my dad he is actually well known in the tech world sort of my dad and his best friend we call him our uncle created the online shopping cart! And you don’t think I would leave out my dogs do you? I have three dogs. Benton is a Rhodesian Ridgeback I call him my Big Boy. Then I have two Chihuahuas Sprite and Oreo (both girls) Oreo is my snuggle wuggle wuggle bug, Sprite is my spritie the mighty. So that’s well my family. On to what I was meaning to blog about as you read I am Bipolar it’s hard to deal with I think it starts when something happens that a major change in your life for me the depression started when I was. Nine and we moved away from my childhood home to Florida then last year at the last quarter of 6th grade I started having suicide thoughts. Half a year later I was baker acted for try to cut my wrist unsuccessfully.months later (last month) I was diagnosed with bipolar. I find that well if you have Ned’s for it and you still feel a little down it helps to not think about depression. And to talk it out with family and friends. Tell them how you feel what’s makes you feel this way. Trust me life is better off when you get help. YOU ARE BETTER OFF LIVING LIFE TO ITS FULL POTENTIAL THAN THINKING ABOUT DEATH! And goodbye for now!