Getting Closer: The Important Role of Indoor Farming
Micki Seibel

OMG READ THIS! It is a great article presenting an EXCELLENT idea! Initially I was a bit weirded out by the need for lighting and the techy automated nature of it all, but after a reading on I learned the produce is grown in stacked layers WITHOUT pesticides which leaves a smaller footprint on the land, and then GET THIS……..(drum roll please)…….: ONE year of growing on a ONE acre indoor farm produces what ONE THOUSAND acres of farmland produces in the same time frame!!

Rather than eat strawberries, grapes and oranges sprayed with toxins, fed with synthetic nutrients and trucked in from Chili, or WORSE yet, its a nasty Franken-Fruit from Monsanto…you can eat food grown ORGANICALLY which is more nutrient dense and unbelievably better tasting!

THE BEST, BEST thing about this is whole idea is GMO spores can’t travel in the wind and cross contaminate your pristine INDOOR ORGANIC, REAL FOOD FARM! HAH …take that Franken-Fkr!