Top Collegiate Startup Cities

Now, more than ever, young people across the country are investing their time, energy and capitol into their own business ventures. Startups are shooting up across the nation at an increasing rate, thanks in large part to the wealth of investors, developers and accelerator programs looking to break the next big thing.

Many colleges and universities are also looking to prop up student entrepreneurs, with more resources being devoted toward helping student entrepreneurs realize their vision. While the draw of established startup hubs like Silicon Valley and New York City may be tempting for new graduates looking to grow their enterprise, cost of living and tight networks make the point of entry incredibly high, especially for those on a student budget.

There are plenty of other urban centers across the United States that have become havens for young entrepreneurs looking to make their mark. The list below was compiled after analyzing a variety of metrics, including cost of living, accelerator resources, collegiate presence and entertainment scene. These are the top cities, divided into three tiers, for college startups. For those considering where to relocate come graduation, one of the cities on this list could be the next big move.

Tier 1.

  1. Austin

2. Baltimore

3. Nashville

4. St. Louis

5. Kansas City

Tier 2.

6. Dallas

7. Atlanta

8. Boston

9. Boulder


Tier 3

11. Seattle

12. Portland

13. Chicago

14. Salt Lake/Park City, Utah

15. Cleveland