Action Appeal

In the world that we live in today I feel as that millennials do have different storytelling expectations than that of the previous generation. When trying to think of an example I always think back to how my parents would receive a certain advertisement. They are pushing 50 and they watch television all the time. For them seeing an ad tell a story might not be as appealing because they might not be able to comprehend the meaning that is being presented. As a millennial I might want to view something that is more engaging to get my attention rather than my parents that would want something more chill.

The stories that I find most appealing is action set pieces. It is something that really grabs my attention because I would want to find out what happens next. One thing that I think back on is some of the final scenes that we watched in Friday Night Lights. When the team that you want to win is down and they end up victorious in a hopeless situation. Feeling that sort of tension in and ad or a movie is something that keeps views like millennials really engaged in what they are watching. I feel as that it is the best way to try and appeal to this age group. Just make it interesting.

I like these kid of stories based on my personality I feel like. I play a lot of action video games and that is the kind of things that I want to see in an ad. The companies that are trying to take an action approach to their ads should just make it interesting and engaging. Something as simple as adding explosions could even grab someone’s attention.

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