This is C3, and I wanna talk to you. Here is my online journal:

I want to stay simply this time and share a little bit about me, my background, and passions. My name is Corinthia E. Croom but many of my friends and associates call me CC. The name C3 stems from the many CeCe’s that are in my city and surrounding areas, I have recently coined the term for my consulting firm C3 Enterprises (Corinthia Croom Consulting Enterprises). I am currently 22 years old and considered a Christian recording artist. Along with having recorded music available for the general public, I own a full circle Entertainment Company called Instrumental Praise based in Grand Rapids, MI. At Instrumental Praise, I serve as the Lead Talent Manager and Head of Public Relations. I mentioned those separately because my role as the founder and CEO involves so much work than showing up to events and shaking the hands of those who I’d like to do business with. I pride myself on the work I put in and results my clients see on a regular basis.

As a Record label Executive, I have noticed the pressure to maintain ‘look’ in front of the crowd. I often encounter people who believe I have it all together and that I am reaching all of the goals. Just as often, I allow them to think that way, answer with something pleasant, and carry on with whatever I was doing before the statement was made. It’s not that I believe I need to look flawless all of the time; I just don’t feel people need to know what all you may be dealing with at every waking moment. But please don’t get me wrong. I have utilized social media in an incorrect manner before. That’s just not what we’re talking about right now. See, I believe there are people who really care about what you dealing with in this life and others would like to be entertained by what you are facing. As a CEO, I have noticed that even at a small stage individuals who hope to tag along and drain you will find their way to you some how. We must be mindful of who we allow to draw near to us. This where we turn to God and ask Him to activate our discernment.

Unfortunately, so many people wish to deceive us and are under the influence of the enemy. But we can take courage because our Saviour Jesus has overcome the world and we take ownership of that victory by building a relationship with Him. Once we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, He then begins to build our sensitivity to His voice and unction or what I like to call discernment. Thankfully, I have been working on my walk with Christ and found Him to be a friend. What I encourage you to do at any point in life, is find Him and love Him. I truly believe I have only gotten this far because I joined His family. Who would have thought that a 22 year old could own 2 companies, become a recording artist, and now be considered a journalist for a magazine. I would definitely say that it is by the grace of God. I can’t wait to talk with you again.