Thanks. This was a stimulating and provocative piece.

Our modern reality is often overlooked in the grand scheme of cultural inertia. We are “linear” thinkers as a survival mechanism. Evolved to spot and predict the route of a pack of wolves stalking us from behind a snowy ridgeline. It has served us quite effectively, but predisposes us to search for fear, danger, and threat in lieu of more positive eventualities brought on my new technology never used in previous models. Most all “political” leadership thinks this way, but they don’t operate in a vacuum. Trump has absorbed teams of long-game strategists that have rewired their thought processes and data tools successfully in keeping up with exponential agency brought out through technological ephemeralization. These new teams combine the best of negative spin with the best of technological data analysis and they are wildly successful. Trump had an entire social media data team in nearby San Antonio that drove the entire campaign. They are now hard at work, looking to keep everyone “off-balance”. Our confusion and fear creates fertile ground to plant counterintuitive agendas that no one can predict. That’s the whole point and is quite fascinating to witness.

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