Congratulations! You Don’t have to work…
Chris Herd

There was a time in the mid-90’s when I poured over Keynes’ prognostications in a book called “Essays in Persuasion” — a collection of writings he authored through the early 20th century.

There was one chapter called “Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren”.

He figured that technology would be advanced enough more advanced by century’s end, that modern societies would achieve a 3-hour shift/15-hour work week. We are well beyond our ability to do this, but it never happened. Instead, market forces injected a collective survival mechanism into our psyche that said: busy = job security. So we quickly leveraged technology to invent worthless jobs and duties that fill any perceived vacuum in human utility.

The term used most often is “Bullshit Jobs”.

Only recently has this observation come to light and precious few are talking about it. To your great credit.

Sure, Silicon Valley has only recently resigned to the problem of “ephemeralization” (the ability of technology to do more and more with less) — and understand the econo-political ramifications that technological unemployment will bring… but our owners haven’t — and it may be too late to save them from the inevitable pitchforks and torches. This election cycle is a prime example of the initial effects and is going to get far more interesting all the way through 11/2028.

There are numerous “opportunities” that may flesh out in 2020 and 2024 — full transition to blockchain currency and governance, universal basic income/healthcare/education reform/decriminalization movement, a massive monetary investment toward infrastructure and research… all of these would edge forward the inevitable collapse of capitalism.

The balustrades of our oligarch’s ivory towers annoyingly limit their field of observation, so I don’t think they will capitulate their stranglehold on artificial scarcity until just before someone rams the gates and lights them on fire. Personally, I don’t think it will go that far. The fact that people ARE talking about problem all but guarantees a robust counterbalance against it. That is the sublime beauty of instantaneous, global communication.