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Joe Brewer


“In short, we are preparing the platforms for collaboration through which millions of people will be able to participate in the wholesale redesign of our civilization.”

I am a retired globe-trotting combat Soldier, social psychologist, futurist and aspiring (SciFi) author. In one of my works, I am neck-deep in designing the same system. If this election cycle has cemented one fact in my mind, it’s that 0ur 19th-century institutions are suffering from a crippling combination of change-blindness and cognitive dissonance…

Any wholesale implementation of meaningful change must be built on a foundation of trust. I would trust a decentralized, open-access system of regional-to-national data collection points redistributed to everyone through an artificial intelligence.

Consensus is like a diamond- it requires pressure and time. The pace of incoming information and our potential agency with that data follow the same accelerating returns as the emerging technologies and platforms delivering it. Society, in general, has no clue what to do with that goldmine. The platforms to mine it from are are already out there: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, Instagram, Medium, Snapchat, Quora, Reddit, EBay, Craigslist, Pintrest, Wikipedia… these are all data collection points accessible by any sufficiently enabled AI.

The problem with these companies is that free-market capitalism demands a monetary value on altruism. The social value that they could add to a free democracy is limitless- if we learn to sanitize all personally identifiable information beyond zip code and pool their data, everyone would win. Only an openly-accessible AI could guarantee that.

Today, our representative democracy is pointless and dangerous WITHOUT full transparency, but completely ineffectual and societally catastrophic WITH it. Therein lies the conundrum: we finally realize our fractured institutions can’t survive the level of scrutiny provided by a global data collection and redistribution system like the internet, and some of us also realize that market capitalism is the common enemy. What’s next?

We need two things:

  1. Decentralized, automated, democratized data collection and analysis with an artificially-intelligent, natural-language user interface. (“Who’s running for election in Austin, Texas? What are do their credentials and platforms look like? Who did they work for in the past? When and where how can I vote for X. How has X standardized test affected college performance? Who makes that test and what was their profit last year?”) powerful stuff.
  2. Locally-sourced, carbon-neutral, democratized and demonetized renewable energy.

Once energy finally frees itself from its geopolitical corporate influence, the change will be quite rapid and profound. Photovoltaic evangelists like Musk have had a profound grasp on this concept for quite some time- but almost no one sees it. Human agency follows the same exponential curves that computers do, so our institutions need the flexibility and adaptability that exponential thinking gives us. Change blindness, cognitive dissonance and linear foresight will force our institutions to scorch the Earth to maintain their power. We need to change the paradigm. Learn to think exponentially and design solutions from the bottom up.

“The idea is not to confront bad ideas, but to come up with good ones. Otherwise, your enemies define the game and you are the loyal opposition.” — Terrence McKenna

After all, the four pillars of all human endeavor are Energy, Agency, Time and Resources. Money is a corrupt tool controlled by a few psychopathic narcissists and some of us can see it is an increasingly weakening substitute for that Energy. We’ve democratized and demonetized Agency and Resources through the globalization of data. Time is universally distributed. Commodified Energy is the last shackle against universal progress.

I applaud your work!

Keep up the good ideas!