I’m so Loyal too you! Wait...your my friend?!?!

When was your last physical fight? When was your last hysterical verbal assault argument? Who did you turn to when it was over, someone personal OR everyone...in ‘The Clooooouuuddd? Something crazy has happened but we don’t want to totally accept it. As a society we think we have made some sort of seamless transition from the 80’s encyclopedias to the 90’s internet to the 00’s cellular technology to the 20-10’s Wifey...oops I mean WiFi, but we really haven’t.

ANYGIVEN DAY: (totally fake, Jill doesn’t own a ePhone let alone a ePhone 15sx and there would never be that many people in an office named ‘co-worker’)

Jill from accounting walks into the kitchen at work aggressively palming and subliminally displaying her brand new fingerprint proof, except for the location of the fingerprint reader, ePhone 15sx. Like clockwork co-worker 1 says “hey Jill is that the 15s”? To which Jill obviously replies, “no co-worker 1 its a 15sx”.

Jill has stood up for her friend and made sure co-worker 1 got it right. Co-worker 2 hears about Jills new friend and says, ‘we’ll, how much did u spend on that paper weight Jill, according to the specs, it takes 5/1000’s of a second longer to open a new web page than my fireproof, except for where there is flammable material, DaveSing 10.27".

Soon, co-worker 3 thru 7 shows up and everyone is getting defensive about their device/friend, even choosing sides and making alliances. This is the transition we have made!

The transition through the years has been anything but seamless. Seamless to me is when something makes a change and there is little to no ripples in its aftermath. With a straight face can you say your mobile device has been a seamless LIFE transition for you? Im not asking if its been useful im asking if your quality of life is better because of it.

Manufacturers are making chargers to be brand specific so your friend (device) might starve to death if you dont sign up for the right meal plan. The docking station is now called a cradle because it holds your baby. The numbers you had memorized for years now lay helplessly in the bottomless pit called ‘Contacts’. Don’t look know but from this day forward you are more Loyal in regards to commitment, care and time to your mobile device than you are to your Real Physical friends.

Over the years we have become more and more dependent on our “friends” and less reliable as individual people. We have a smaller circle of real friends and a way more larger circle of, eh, friends in ‘the cloud’. Here’s a random thought, I personally get more satisfaction from ONE happy birthday phone call than I would from 1,000 text messages saying the same (slight exaggeration as I probably only know 276 people...according to my contacts). Like myself, We The People, are in committed long term friendships with our mobile devices. I’m classifying it as a Friendship but as a reader feel free to call it a Relationship but please be advised that when you do, you should also go wait in line for the next casting call on, ‘My Strange Addiction’.

We have made adjustments here and there to change with the times and we have also made a few exceptions to a few morale and ethical rules which we conveniently justify for our own sanity just to keep our friends happy. But hey, who said the transition had to be seamless!