Can You Guess Which City Has the Most Skyscrapers?

While almost every major city in the developed world features a skyline full of skyscrapers, the number of skyscrapers that each city has is vastly different. We take a look at the Top 10 cities that have the most skyscrapers.

10) Singapore

Singapore is a city that has a stark juxtaposition between new and old architecture (as seen above). As part of its new architecture, it has 81 skyscrapers with the tallest being the UOB Plaza One at 280 metres.

9) Shenzhen, China

Despite it’s large population of almost 11 million people, Shenzhen only comes in as the 9th city to have the most skyscrapers. The city features 83 skyscrapers with its tallest being the KK100 at 441.8 meters.

8) Guangzhou, China

According to the United Nations, Guangzhou is the world’s second fastest growing city and has a current population of 13.5 million. The city features 93 skyscrapers with it’s tallest being the CTF Finance Centre measuring in at 530 metres.

7) Chongqing, China

Known as being one of China’s 13 emerging mega-cities, the city currently has 94 skyscrapers. Their tallest skyscraper is the Chongqing International Trade and Commerce Center measuring at 440 metres tall.

6) Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a contradicting city with its ancient shrines and hyperactive skyline that is constantly changing. Despite having an impressive amount of skyscrapers (the city total is 114), their highest skyscraper named the Toranomon Hills is rather short standing at 255.5.m.

5) Chicago, Unites States

Despite being named the “Windy City”, they sure do love their skyscrapers. Chicago has 117 skyscrapers and their tallest is the Willis Tower which is 442.1 metres tall.

image © Thomas Depenbusch

4) Shanghai, China

Known for being the world’s third most populated city (behind Tokyo and Delhi), Shanghai also makes the top 5 for the most skyscrapers. The city has 126 skyscrapers with their tallest being the Shanghai Tower at 632 metres.

3) Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Lately Dubai has become number one for having the tallest building on Earth (The Burj Khalifa) and having 18 buildings in excess of 300 meters. The city has yet to conquer owning the most skyscrapers despite having an impressive 148 skyscrapers.

2) New York City, United States

Known for being the birthplace of the skyscraper, it’s surprising that New York isn’t ranked as being the city with the most skyscrapers in the world. The city has 237 skyscrapers and it’s tallest is the One World Trade Centrer measuring 541.3 metres.

1) Hong Kong, China

Having an impressive amount of 303 skyscrapers, Hong Kong holds the title of Number One by a difference of 63 skyscrapers.

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