Athena Simulator: All Dressed Up and … …

Florida Atlantic University simulation training — In Action

The White Coats 4 Care reception (August 2016 in Boca Raton, Florida) was designed as a fundraiser, and a way for the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine to have donors connect directly with the incoming class by providing medical white coats (with the donor’s name in the pockets) as the students receive their first “Doctor’s” coats.

FAU Medical College students, receiving their first White Coats

But, there was a another purpose, which was to present to the donors how the college utilizes state-of-the-art patient simulation training to enhance learning. Little did attendees know that they were going to receive a truly realistic experience in life saving simulation-based training for a cardiac emergency.

The event began by thanking Dr. Kenneth Folsom and his wife, Martha, for their generous gift that allowed FAU’s Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine to purchase the CAE Athena high fidelity female patient simulator from CAE Healthcare.

“Can someone help me? My chest hurts!”

The scene was set with “Martha,” all made up and dressed for the event (portrayed in this real-time scenario by the Athena simulator). Shortly thereafter, the Martha/Athena simulator yells out “can someone help me? My chest hurts.” Medical students quickly move the simulated patient to a stretcher, and position her on a table in the center of the stage.

CAE Athena placed on a stretcher to receive simulated patient care

As they began to work on the patient sim, Mark Goldstein, Senior Director of Simulation Center and Technology, narrated the steps in the process. He detailed how simulation gave students the opportunity to practice defibrillation with an AED in a realistic setting without posing harm to a living patient.

Because of the prompt treatment administered, the Athena patient manikin was breathing, eyes were blinking, and she was “speaking” to her medical team in short time.

The audience was ‘amazed.’ The feedback received indicated that the simulation experience could encourage additional opportunities for similar product demonstrations, which hopefully could lead to additional donors for supplying the simulation center with vital training equipment.

After all was said and done, Athena, Dr. Folsom, his wife (the ‘real Martha’) and all others had a fine night — thanks to effective healthcare training and a responsive team of new White Coats.

by CAE Healthcare