VimedixAR Augmented Reality Simulator Revolutionizes Healthcare Training

In 2017, CAE Healthcare unveiled the CAE VimedixAR.

VimedixAR is the first healthcare training application to incorporate augmented reality.

This module integrates the digital technology of Microsoft HoloLens to enhance a simulated learning environment with interactive holograms for mastering visualization of anatomical structures as an aid to developing proficiency in ultrasound exam procedures through mixed reality.

Anatomy is one of the primary learning blocks for anyone studying medicine. VimedixAR (incorporating Microsoft HoloLens and mixed reality) permits learners to ‘visualize’ anatomical structures freed from the confines of a manikin or physical model. By viewing the lungs, the heart and other internal organs as computer-generated holograms that are overlayed onto a learner’s field of vision, students may engage with these structures like never before.

The augmented environment of VimedixAR offers trainers, instructors, and simulation program facilitators endless freedom to design scenarios for learning wherein anatomical structures may be enlarged, turned, rotated or commanded to return into the manikin body so the inter-relatedness of all of its structures may be accessed.

Visit the CAE Healthcare HoloLens webpage here to discover the many ways CAE Healthcare’s HoloLens-based solutions can inspire learning and awaken imaginations towards improving patient care now and into the future.