CAE Healthcare Goes Beyond School Walls

Beyond School Walls is a Big Brothers Big Sisters mentorship program that matches “Littles”with professionals at their place of work to offer career building guidance to at risk students.

In mid-November 2016, students from Sarasota, Florida’s Riverview High School entered into untrod territory and embarked on a path towards determining their future selves.

And, they did it by meeting up with CAE Healthcare professionals; adults who are in the business of simulating medical training scenarios that help others to prepare for future, real-life situations, as well.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sun Coast logo

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sun Coast’s new workplace mentoring initiative targets high school graduation rates. Job one of the program is to help ensure that students graduate. With eager volunteer mentors ( or, “Bigs”)and even more eager students (“Littles”), this initial program is aiming to achieve great things in Southwest Florida.

These students are the first to step into this unique, innovative program!

Through the Big Brothers Big Sisters “Beyond School Walls” program, potentially ‘at-risk’ students gain exposure to a variety of career options and receive basic academic guidance in troublesome areas. During periodic meetings with their “Bigs”, “Littles” get to experience an actual workplace environment where they can see and learn professional values, including the importance of punctuality, appearance, and communication.

Big Brothers Big Sisters lunchtime discussions at CAE Healthcare with mentors and students

CAE Healthcare has arranged for mentors to meet with Riverview High students at the company’s Sarasota, Florida corporate building once a month, and is anticipating rewarding mutual growth, understanding and development for all parties involved.

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