CAE Juno. Simply, a Better Nursing Skills Manikin from CAE

CAE Juno nursing skills manikin by CAE Healthcare

Don’t settle for yesterday’s nursing manikin. CAE Juno is designed for today.

Meet #CAEJuno

The use of full-scale healthcare simulators and clinical skills-based manikins for developing basic, core competencies and essential nursing skills is fast becoming commonplace in undergraduate nursing education.

Realistic patient simulators, and the more skills-specific nursing manikins, can be extremely valuable in assisting learners with becoming accustomed to patient assessment protocols. Simulation training in core skills development also helps students to confidently acquire an acceptable level of basic competency, before they have to use these skills in real life practice settings.

Why CAE Juno?

Student nurses and program facilitators deserve a better clinical skills manikin- - one with high-quality technology and a modern design that reflects true innovation. CAE Juno, a fully wireless and tetherless manikin with self-contained electronics for optimal ease-of-use, offers mobility, convenience, and cost-saving features to help simulation programs get more out of their commitment to quality education.

Students not only gain valuable practice and pre-clinical knowledge, they also build upon team communication skills and critical thinking processes.

The ultimate goal of CAE Juno is to help today’s students on their way towards becoming confident clinicians of tomorrow: Practitioners who are competent and certain of their ability to provide the best possible care to their patients, and achieve the best possible outcomes.

CAE Juno benefits from CAE’s quality, expertise and dedication to innovation.

Discover How #CAEJuno Can Enrich Your Program

How can you get to know our new clinical skills manikin? Easy.

1. Visit CAE Juno on the web. Click to go to

2. Call 1–877–754–2345 and speak with a helpful CAE Healthcare representative (mention you were referred by the CAE Healthcare CAE Juno story on

3. Go to the CAE Healthcare website and view our events and exhibits page. Contact us to find out where #CAEJuno will make an appearance.

With two platforms in one, a contemporary aesthetic, and better learning content, CAE Juno could very well be the best choice you’ll make in a nursing skills development manikin.

Find out more about CAE Juno today.