Experiential Reflections on the INACSL-CAE Healthcare Simulation Fellowship

INACSL-CAE Healthcare Simulation Fellowship Success!

[As submitted to CAE Healthcare by Dr. Tarig Eltoum Yagoub Fadelelmoula (Associate Professor Pulmonologist/Department of Respiratory Care, Almaarefa Colleges for Science and Technology), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, KSA]
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…in writing about my experience with the Abu Dhabi fellowship cohort, I wrote about the importance of healthcare simulation and its progress, and gave an overview about the INACSL ‘Standards of Best Practice” and the INACSL-CAE Healthcare fellowship. Here, I describe how I benefited from it and offer some of my recommendations… (via an email statement from Dr. Fadelelmoula)

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Simulation-enhanced healthcare clinical education has evolved tremendously during the last 10 years. This evolution was driven primarily by the desire and intent to improve healthcare professionals’ skills and patient safety.

One positive step towards spreading the use of standardized healthcare simulation is the training of simulation educators and directors of simulation facilities. Different professional and academic organizations play variable roles in advancing the practice of simulation in teaching healthcare, among these is CAE and INACSL, two pioneers in the field.

INACSL-CAE Healthcare Simulation Fellowship video

The International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) has developed the INACSL Standards of Best Practice: Simulation, to advance the science of simulation, share best practices, and provide evidence-based guidelines for implementation and training.

Get information about the June 2017 fellowship cohort here.

They demonstrate a commitment to quality and implementation of rigorous evidence-based practices in healthcare education to improve patient care by complying with practice standards in the areas of Simulation Design, Outcomes and Objectives, Facilitation, Debriefing, Participant Evaluation, Professional Integrity, Simulation-Enhanced Interprofessional Education (Sim-IPE) and Simulation Glossary.

Abu Dhabi cohort of the INACSL-CAE Healthcare Simulation Fellowship

This Healthcare Simulation Fellowship offers global participants the opportunity to design, facilitate and debrief a Simulated Clinical Experience (SCE) using the INACSL Standards of Best Practice, and designed for new simulation educators, existing simulation educators who need additional support, and directors overseeing a simulation center.

INACSL-CAE Healthcare Simulation Fellowship

The course is experiential and interactive in nature and utilizes seminars, discussion groups, plenary sessions and “hands on” activities to deliver course content. Facilitators are simulation experts with five or more years of experience creating and delivering effective simulation education globally. The program is divided into 3 modules. Each of the first 2 modules has two elements, webinar and a face-to-face workshop. The third module was a series of online mentoring meetings.

In this article, I reflect on my personal experience and benefit from the Healthcare Simulation Fellowship offered jointly by CAE and INACSL in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi cohort of the INACSL-CAE Healthcare Simulation Fellowship

The INACSL-CAE fellowship cohort in the United Arab Emirates is the first cohort outside the United States. In May 2016, I had the chance to join the first workshop in the fellowship program activities at Fatima College for Health Sciences in Abu Dhabi. During this workshop we had an overview of the INACSL and CAE, Fellowship Objectives, Simulation Pedagogy, and Education Theory, and had the opportunity to visit the Imaging Simulation Center of Fatima College for Health Sciences.

CAE Healthcare Academy Educator, Amanda Wilford, at the INACSL-CAE Healthcare Simulation Fellowship

The second face-to-face workshop was held in August 2016 at the national ambulance in Abu Dhabi, it was preceded with a webinar on how to communicate to facilitate a webinar. During this workshop we learned the details of INACSL standards, and we had a well-facilitated hands-on-training on simulation design, scenario writing/story boards, facilitation, feedback and debriefing.
The mentoring program, which started in September 2016, was an excellent opportunity to have expert guidance, together with in-depth exposure to the different aspects of research tools development, publishing, and article review process. During this mentoring module, I practiced the art of writing and reviewing research articles. Now I feel more confident when reading, writing or reviewing an article.

Abu Dhabi cohort of the INACSL-CAE Healthcare Simulation Fellowship

This fellowship program provided me with a chance to be exposed to the INACSL standards of best practice in clinical simulation from the experts who have been actively involved in developing those standards. Both the face-to-face and online learning environments were safe, relaxing, and also very communication/discussion enabling.

Finally, I would like to outline that the CAE-INACSL fellowship team was very supportive and made us feel confident. The workshops, webinars and meetings were full of knowledge that improved my skills as an educator and particularly as a healthcare simulation fellow.

“Graduates” from the Abu Dhabi cohort of the INACSL-CAE Healthcare Simulation Fellowship

I am very grateful to the fellowship facilitators. They are brilliant healthcare simulation experts and wonderful people who always kept us motivated and transmitted to us their passion for simulation. I would also like to gratefully thank, Fatima College for Health Science and The National ambulance in Abu Dhabi, for hosting the fellowship cohort.

I definitely recommend CAE-INACSL Clinical Simulation Fellowship Program to every healthcare professional interested in improving his skill as a healthcare simulation facilitator, educator or simulation center manager. It’s a real opportunity, for collaboration and networking in healthcare simulation, which will undoubtedly, enrich and foster career development.

I would really recommend that INACSL and CAE Healthcare continue providing this UAE cohort, because it will pave the road for the future of simulation in the region.
 ~~ ~~ Dr. Tarig Eltoum Yagoub Fadelelmoula

Click here for additional information on the INASCL-CAE Healthcare Fellowship.

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