IPSSW2016 — A Conference on Innovation, Engineering and Exploration in Simulation

Simulation-based training in pediatric patient care can be an ideal way for nursing students to bridge knowledge, theory and clinical practice skills. Studies show that as a result of simulation, students feel more prepared when dealing with actual patient cases.

From May 9–11, 2016, renowned and global experts in simulation-based training in pediatric medicine and perinatal care will gather in Glasgow, Scotland for the world’s largest meeting dedicated exclusively to pediatric and perinatal healthcare training.

As of this writing (March 24, 2016) preparations are underway for three days of in-depth learning and discussion surrounding the role simulation plays in providing safe and effective care to sick children and infants, and the continued evolution and expansion of pediatric simulation across the globe.

Core Goals of the International Pediatric Simulation Society (IPSS)

  1. Reflect and empower the global pediatric and perinatal simulation community
  2. Develop and sustain a dynamic community of practice for pediatric and perinatal simulation-based innovations, education, research and advocacy
  3. Support effective, safe, and efficient individual, team and system improvements.
  4. Promote innovation for implementation and dissemination of pediatric simulation networks.
  5. With a unique focus on pediatric and perinatal healthcare, complement and enhance efforts of other organizations.
  6. Champion solutions for resource limited environments.

IPSSW2016 — Innovation, Engineering and Exploration” bridges the gap between the technology and science and the human side to pediatric simulation. IPSSW represents the world’s largest gathering devoted exclusively to pediatric and perinatal simulation — popular for advancing its practice and network in a friendly and collegial atmosphere. A diverse group of individuals attend with a shared interest in improving pediatric healthcare through simulation.

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