Tracheostomy placement skills practice with CAE Juno

Tracheostomy Skills Practice for Nursing Students with CAE Juno

The newly-designed and modern CAE Juno clinical skills and nursing manikin was created to satisfy a range of clinical skills checklist requirements routinely used in nursing education programs.

One such basic skill is tracheostomy care (tracheotomy).*

CAE Juno Offers Skills Experience in Tracheostomy Care

A tracheotomy is a surgical airway procedure used to facilitate breathing in patients who are being removed from ventilatory support, or are suffering from severe respiratory obstruction (from a number of causes).

Tracheostomy may also be performed to provide a long-term route for mechanical ventilation in cases of respiratory failure or in the event of aspiration and/or the inability of a patient to self-handle secretions.

CAE Juno is a Versatile Clinical Training Tool

Intensive care nurses must know how to provide proper care to tracheostomy patients in order to maintain health and to prevent complications. CAE Juno can help develop the following competencies, and many more:

•How to properly insert tubing for effective airway management
•How to change a trach tube (and knowing how often to do so)
•How and when to use a trach plug
•Learn the appropriate frequency for daily suctioning
•Learn the correct procedure for decannulation

CAE Juno, shown as a female, with tracheostomy care site
The CAE Juno manikin is equipped with a site where a trach tube may be inserted for tracheostomy care. The site may also be used to practice the performance of suctioning procedures (with real fluids).

The Juno nursing manikin is fully mobile, has joint articulation, and can sit up without external supports.

Easily convertible from a female to a male patient, (conversion kit included), CAE Juno is currently the industry’s only completely convertible clinical manikin. Save on resources! CAE Juno is 2 manikins in 1.

CAE Juno: First fully and completely gender-convertible clinical manikin

Juno even has removable dentures to accommodate gastric tube placement and training in oral and dental care of an intubated patient.

With a host of flexible and scalable patient care scenarios possible, and several innovative design elements, CAE Juno is worth considering for your clinical training programs.

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CAE Juno. Simply, a better nursing skills manikin.

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(Words to know) 
A hollow piece of tubing: inner cannula refers to the inner tubing of a standard tracheostomy tube.

Process of removing the tracheostomy tube and making sure the patient is breathing well without it

An opening surgically created through the neck into the trachea to allow direct access to the breathing tube.

Refers to the incision into the trachea that forms a temporary or permanent opening, which is called a ‘tracheostomy,’ however; the terms are sometimes used interchangeably