Where I Stand, President-elect

Where I stand: We casted our vote, now we have a responsibility to hold our President-elect to a truly American standard, with the accountability to be Presidential.

“Im not asking you to reject the President-elect.” “I’m not asking you to apologize for your vote.”

What I’m asking; Help each other stay uplifted, to find a common understanding that for which many Americans feel is a great win, many do not. Hopefully, now with our President-elect everyone from both sides have finally been heard, we all want to make “America Great Again!”

My position in choosing to protest is not to silence Trump nor the almost 60 Million people that voted for him. It’s to make sure that my children, and your children do not have to live in a world of fear and hate. The first amendment gives us the right to allow our voices to be heard without consequence. I get it. However, I don’t feel it gives people the right to demoralize their neighbor, verbally bash our brothers and sisters, and to carry the mindset that “because you are different, we shouldn’t all be afforded the same rights.” HUMAN RIGHTS! If you are a homo-sapien that bleeds, you are without a doubt deserving of these rights for humanity.

We can not expect progress by allowing ourselves to fall backwards to the ideals of 1914. We can’t cross our arms when we must keep them open. We mustn’t allow a group of people to join in with the hard working Americans that now have a President-elect that hears their cry. By empowering the people who voted for Trump (not everyone) to make “America Great Again” is the same as empowering white supremacy, KKK, cells of community racism, bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, hate and intimidation… Fear.

Because of the unconventional campaigns that were run, we have now allowed a large, dormant, scary, but real issue in this country to regain momentum. One that had been previously slowed down. Allowing people to live in uncertainty, and allowing people to live in fear must never become a norm. We can’t allow this unpopular agenda by a few to become the voice of a majority. To sit back and allow any of this hate to be absorbed by our children, runs the risk of having it revamped and re-embedded into our futures.

Donald Trump has shown the capacity to be kind and gracious. The offer of the people to rule our free world has hopefully awakened a sense of humility being the new founded President-elect. This position must be taken with self-awareness, selflessness, empathy and the ability to convey a stronger message to the world that America is still the greatest country. It’s to have a voice for the people, of the people that we still believe the same great fundamentals this country was built on.

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”….. “I lift my lamp beside the golden door”

This is a man that doesn’t come with any knowledge or experience in policy making. Most of them will be passed off for the combing to be done by his delegates and loyal peers. Unfortunately, the handful of his peers and delegates not excluding the Vice President-elect have shown the unnerving fibers of hate, homophobia, misogyny, racism with many fascist tendencies.

In an interview with one of his campaign managers and close confidants, Omarosa Manigault (Reality star, fired on the apprentice) stated when asked the question “What would a Trump white house look like?” that she believes his presidency to be an “unpredictable one.” I personally think that that should concern us all.

When Trump thought that Romney won popular vote but not the electoral, He tweeted that we were the laughing stock of the world, asking the people to march on Washington and evoke a revolution. I agree with Trump in his feelings of the same outcome 4yrs ago. We should feel embarrassed. Because the whole world is watching, and we should all be concerned. With this ever growing threat across our nation we must come together and show up as one. Regardless of who you voted for, Red, White, Blue, Straight, gay, black, male or female, American or American-Immigrant, we must stand up and stand united.

I am ready to stand united as I hope we all can, in a unified country that will fight for all Human Rights!

We can agree to disagree and still love each other. Unless that disagreement is rooted in oppression and the denial of basic human rights for all.

This country must stand united before we can truly fix the system. Before we can fix our world we must fix how we show up in it first.


Chase A. Haldeman

If you took the time to read or share in my thoughts, I thank you.

Untied we stand, divided we fall. Basic human rights for all!!!