7 Mistakes That Can Hinder Your Weight Loss Journey

You keep a close eye on your eating habits, exercise daily and count calories, but still when you step up on the weighing scale it shows increased weight. Isn’t is a big shock. Even sometimes it demotivates you from following the weight loss program.

You are not the only one facing these problems. There are many individuals who get confused when they look at their progress report after following the weight loss regime for a few days or a few weeks.

It can be really frustrating to not to see the results even after striving hard. Chances are, you must be making any of the below mentioned mistakes that derail your results.

1. Overeating healthy food: Eating healthy food does not mean that you can consume a whole buffet or plate full of salad, wholewheat or fruits. Eating large portions of even healthy food can hinder your weight loss progress. As per the medical studies bingeing on even the healthy food items can cause weight gain.

The healthy food like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and other nonfat dairy products are good for health and weight loss only when taken in limited quantity. So, be careful with quantity and portion of your food; even if it is low calorie food. The right technique is to write down the total calories you consume from one meal and count you intake for the day. Then compare is with the required quantity and decide the right portion.

2. Practicing dieting: Do you know that staying hungry can also increase your risk of gaining weight? Yes, it happens and it is called ‘dieting induced weight gain.’ Further, dieting also increases the risk of binge eating. Dieting limits supply of required nutrients in the body and impacts the metabolism. Dieting without medical consultation also affects your muscles that further slows down the metabolism.

The right strategy is to follow a medical diet plan, designed by the experts. Doctors offer you a diet plan as per your lifestyle and physical requirements and ensure that the body gets enough energy to function well. Doctors can also decide the right ratio of different macro-nutrients to ensure healthy weight loss.

3. Skipping breakfast: It is the most important part of all the meals, you take throughout the day. Skipping breakfast means more craving for the food in a later part of the day, which makes you eat more than required food. So, you skip breakfast just to consume more calories and gain more weight. Cutting calories by skipping meals just makes you feel more starved and provoke to take anything to satiate the hunger.

For healthy weight loss, the first thing in your mind should be healthy breakfast. The healthy food you take as your first meal of the day jump-starts your metabolism and supply enough energy to the body for the remaining day.

4. Lacking focus: We are always asked to be stay focused to the goal, which people follow with their weight loss regime also. But this attitude becomes a problem here. Staying focused is good, but when it comes to the weight loss, your focus should be on the weight loss process; not the end results. You should pay attention to the food you take, your exercise, daily routine, and selection on right food items.

You can achieve your goal only when you focus on the process. So, to see amazing results after a few weeks, make sure you eat right, drink plenty of water, sleep well and workout smart.

5. Practicing save up/ make up philosophy: This is the philosophy followed by most of the athletes. In simple terms, it is to ‘save up’ calories in the morning to enjoy delicious food in the evening. Now this ‘saving up’ can include anything from skipping meals to eating less and exercising more.

Now when you haven’t taken anything throughout the day, you ‘make up’ for the skipped calories by binge eating or overeating. It takes the calories consumption for the day much beyond the stipulated limit. You repeat the same process next day to ‘make up’ for the extra calories and this ultimately causes weight loss due to excessive binge eating.

6. Eating mindlessly: No it is not about eating frantically, it’s about eating without watching what and how much are you consuming. Some stolen bites to quell cravings sometimes count much beyond then the decided calories intake. If you like taking food while watching TV or driving, you are a victim of mindless eating. This distracted eating habit spoils all your weight loss programs and the diet plan.

Make sure you are not engaged in any other activities while taking food to keep a watch on your intake. Reading books, watching TV and playing video games should be completely separate activities not performed while taking food.

7. Losing patience: Everyone is different and reacts differently to the same weight loss program. Some people get panicked when they don’t see any improvement even after a few weeks and decide to follow the same routine. Though it might be frustrating, but sometimes it might take a few extra efforts to see results.

Don’t forget that weight loss program is not just to shed pounds, but also to ensure improved health in terms of energy, less stress, reduced risk of weight related diseases and better sleep. So, don’t just get carried away with the numbers on the scale but have a look at the improvements in your overall lifestyle.

Increasing your water consumption all of sudden to follow a diet plan can also impact your body and overall weight loss results. Both more or less intake of water than the specified limit can harm your body. Even if you have to start taking more water, it should be gradually.

As weight gain is not a process of one day, weight loss also cannot happen overnight. You need to keep patience and continue with the weight loss program with the same level of motivation to see the improvements. Respect your body and supply it all the required nutrients for smooth functionality.