Happy Cinco de Mayo!

This Friday is Cinco de Mayo. But does the thought of chips, salsa, and beer and other high carb Mexican food make you want to throw your dieting efforts to the curb? Don’t let a holiday derail you. Decide to celebrate at home with your friends and plan your food accordingly. Here are some fiesta inspired items you can eat that will keep you on track:

• You can enjoy any lean meat like lean carne asada — just season it with Mexican spices, lemon and lime, garlic, orange zest or orange extract, skip the OJ, and grill with authentic Mexican spices. These ideas can work well on chicken dishes too.

• A classic fajita low carb Mexican dish is easy to make and tastes wonderful. Cook the peppers, onions and lean meat in a non stick pan with cooking spray and MSG free chicken broth. And for the tortilla use our CMWM Cauliflower ‘Tortilla’ recipe!

• Try chili verde with lean pork. Use a non stick pan and use oil very sparingly. Leave out any thickeners like flour, you can use a tiny bit of xanthan gum instead (available at health food stores and it’s great to thicken smoothies too!). Use the spices and peppers.

• Tostados can work into your low carb meal but you really need to skip the shell, or again, you can opt to use our ‘legal’ cauliflower tortilla recipe. For sour cream substitute, use non fat plain Fage yogurt or puree some cottage cheese

• Make an avocado dip but dip with fresh cucumbers or jicama slices instead of the chips. And don’t go overboard because avocado is still a fat source, two tablespoons mashed is equal to a fat serving (about 50 calories).

• Think about having some shrimp ceviche which can be chopped with fresh raw vegetables like bell pepper, onion and cilantro, all low carb veggie choices.

  • Hold off on drinking alcohol, it stops weight loss dead in its tracks. Drink some fat burning CMWM Raspberry-Pineapple Green Tea instead and spike it with some rum extract.