How Do You Measure Your Heart Rate?

Are you using the CORRECT way to measure your heart rate while exercising?

According to Hirofumi Tanaka, PhD, for those over 40 there is a more correct way to do this:
The Newer Formula: Age — Predicted Maximal Heart Range
Multiply your age by 0.7 and subtract that figure from 208. 
Multiply age by .7 = ____ 
208 — _____ = ____
Example, maximum heart rate calculation for a 42 year-old using age predicted formula:
42 (age) x .7 = 29.4
208–29.4 = 178.6 Maximum heart rate
So then an upper and lower target heart rate for a person who is 42 would be calculated:
Example: Maximum heart rate x .85 = ___ — upper limit 
178.6 (maximum, calculated from above) x .85 = 151.8 –upper limit
Example: Maximum heart rate x .70 = ___ — lower limit
178.6 (maximum, calculated from above) x .70 = 125 — lower limit
The idea here would be to work out no higher (upper limit) than 151.8 beats a minute and no lower (lower limit) than 125 beats a minute.

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