‘Battlefield 1’ Is Fantastic, but Not Because of the History
War Is Boring

hmmmmm look I like BF1 quite a bit but definitely not because of the Single-Player campaign. Despite the cool, heartfelt stuff that sometimes emerges in Storm of Steel, it’s vastly overshadowed by the melodramatic nonsense of the other campaigns. The Arditi chapter is egregiously bad in how a single armored Italian soldier mows down Austrian-Hungarians like they’re nothing and then single-handedly shoots down a squadron of bombers. I mean that’s just ridiculous. I think it might be the worst offender, honestly, since the Alps Campaign had so much potential to be a horrifying war scene indicative of the Italian experience. But maybe I expected too much.

The lack of a Russian perspective is just stupid. I don’t know how else to put it. The Eastern Front was massive, with extraordinary lasting effects, and it gets no coverage? Silly. And there should have been a Central Powers scene or two. I don’t think this game showed moral ambiguity at all.

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