The thing about governments, is that they can rebuild and grow again.
Business Cat

um your argument can also justify backing the opposition to oust Assad

if you think this through the assad regime will need to beat the Kurds, the hardcore islamist rebels in the north/central Syria, and the practically untouched southern FSA. the only way to do this is to give patronage to petty warlords, which is already happening. therefore any aid the international community gives to the dictatorship afterwards (god knows what that even looks like) will be dried up due to corruption and petty embezzlement to keep the militias and warlords in line. the dictatorship is untenable. it will be illegitimate. the entire international community won’t even contribute to any reconstruction efforts if it stays in power.

‘most being male’ isn’t good enough. if they’re fleeing, they aren’t fighters. if they aren’t fighters, they aren’t going to turn the tide against dedicated ones. it’s a losing strategy, short-sighted, based more on some pollyanish, hopeful idea of getting rid of refugees than any realistic scenario/solution

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