Trump Fires Off Rousing Speech at NRA

National Rifle Association Leadership Forum, Atlanta Georgia 
Friday, April 28 
2:35 EST

Introduced under a musical backdrop Of Ed Greenwood's "Proud to be American," President Trump showed hints of his pre-election greatness today, as he delivered an energetic and powerful speech to a receptive crowd. The short appearance by the president, which was a show of appreciation for presidential campaign support, highlighted Trump's commitment to keeping his promises on national security and the constitution. But, at what cost?

The President was met with a flurry of cheers and clapping as he began by speaking about the wall. "We will build the wall, don't even think about it!" He went on to say that America has seen a 73% decrease of illegal crossing since he assumed leadership, and vowed to end the policy of catch and release, saying illigals will now be returned home, and put behind bars if they persist in illegally crossing the US-Mexico border. "Immigration security is national security," Mr. Trump exclaimed. He added that the US spends billions on other nations but hasn't been able to secure its own border.

The Commander in Chief's closing statements seemed ominously foreshadowing. They included an inspiring recalling of the USA's Battle of Concord, in which American miltiamen fought to protect the seizure of stored ammunition and arms (and eventually lead to the 1776 American Revolution). He reminded his audience of America's sovereign right to rule and defend itself, then concluded by passionately vowing to protect the right to bear arms to an appreciative audience.

It's obvious Trump has a genuine affection for his substantial military, pro-gun, and nationalist base. But, his time is extremely constrained. While he likely would've been personally satisfied just thanking his loyal supporters, the fact is, he went there to ask for something. This was a business deal and his speech today seemed to imply conditions of reciprocity.

So, if Donald Trump, the businessman, is pledging his commitment to steadfastly guarding the Second Ammendment and improving national security - both just reaffirmations of campaign promises - throughout his remaining three years, what is the cost of this deal to Americans? If the price for these commitments is continued loyalty, maybe supporting Trump picks in the mid-terms, or other voluntary contributions, then Trump may succeed in being the most honourable, patriotic leader of our time. If, however, the agreement calls for support of misguided military actions in North Korea and/or Syria, America is likely to pay a price significantly greater than a few of its poorly selected advisors had bargained for.

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