PRODUCER’S LETTER Vol.5: Acquisition and Consumption of TSUBASAUT

Hello (or good evening) to all “Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-” users!

This is Fujiyoshi, the producer.

It’s getting colder day by day in Japan 🥶

After the last Producer’s Letter, we received concerns from some users about the graph — “TSUBASAUT acquisition change over time (image)” and asked if the data was “a simulation of an ideal case to played perfectly”. I am writing this to provide a more detailed explanation so that more of you will be able to play the game without any concerns.

In this letter, we will present simulation results based on actual user play data.

The data used is those collected on Jan 22, 2023

  • By using 1 Energy of a Common Player per Player level

Simulation Conditions

  • Raise the Player to Level 9 (if there is enough TSUBSAUT accumulated)

Simulation Results

Please refer to this simulation result for your consideration of a reasonable price for the purchase of Player NFTs.

Here is an example:

The mint price of a common player is 350 TSUBASAUT.

When purchasing player NFTs from the market, the market price is always fluctuating and can be lower or higher than the mint cost.

If you were able to purchase a Player with 350 TSUBASAUT, you will be able to earn the same amount of TSUBASAUT (excluding tokens consumed) in about 1 month, double in 2 months. and eventually, close to triple in 3 months.

Some users say that their Players become useless without being able to earn much, but that is not true.

(The reality is that the management is struggling with how to stabilize the economy in the future, having designed the system being able to plenty of TSUBSAUT.)

Additionally, the graph above shows the simulation of using one Player NFT.

If the number of player NFTs is increased and the amount of energy per day is increased, the speed of TSUBASAUT acquisition per Player NFT will be faster in proportion to the amount of energy.

Regarding TSUBASAUT price stabilization

The price of TSUBASAUT goes up if more people buy more tokens. On the other hand, it will go down if more tokens are sold. If many users sell their acquired TSUBASAUT, the price of TSUBASAUT will drop significantly.

The reason why blockchain games with the reputation of being able to earn lots of utility tokens often end up with a quick price drop and service termination is because of the volume of the tokens sold.

For this game too, if too many people start selling TSUBASAUT, there is a risk of a token price drop. To prevent this, we introduced a system called the TSUBASA Price Balancer, to maintain the token price in the long term. Currently, we have more than 750k USD worth of MATIC in the Price Balancer.

As announced in the whitepaper, this fund will be used to prevent the rapid price drop of TSUBASAUT in the future.


It is unusual for the team to provide real player data like this. We had thought a lot about whether we should share this data or not because we wanted the users to discuss and find out together the best way to play the game through trial and error.

In this case, clearly incorrect information was being sent out by some influencers and we had no choice but to share this letter based on concrete data, in order for people to understand the correct information.

As a principal, we would like to continue to encourage users to enjoy finding the best way to play this game answer hope you agree that our providing this kind of data is an exception.

We are taking your comments and requests into consideration as we continue to operate this game.

We will disclose information about the update announced yesterday as soon as it is ready as well.

Thank you for reading and see you soon.




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