PUR helps Flint, MI. Families in Crisis

A shout out to PUR Water Filters and Water Filtration Systems, for taking steps to minimize or reduce the burden on Flint, MI. families: Bottles of water, water filter systems, replacement filters, and home water testing kits are available for all Flint residents from 9AM to 4PM at select locations.

PUR Responded…Please share. If you or someone you know is in Flint, MI. they need to see this.

PUR via Facebook: Hi Denise, We’ve been working closely with local partners to deliver Flint families access to safe drinking water by distributing free PUR filter systems and are coordinating additional donations. Local residents are also encouraged to visit https://www.pur.com/flint for more information on where they can pick up a PUR faucet filter system and replacement filters.

Please spread the word. Thank you.

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