I’m perplexed.

How is a social statement wrapped in explicit sex followed by a trip to Red Lobster…

Cuz she slay…

But it’s so catchy!

My daddy Alabama, my Ma Louisiana, mix that negro with that creole and get a Texas bama.

It’s so damn catchy!

Cuz she slay…

But stop shooting us

Cuz she slay

In Givenchy, no less

And Gucci

With black girls in natural haired wigs

Next to poor people

In Formation

Cuz she slay…

On a cop car

In the water

Cuz y’all corny with all that illuminati mess


Cuz she slay…

And works hard

To own it

And she like her baby hair with her baby hair in an Afro

Blue sho is cute

Slay with Blue

Slay Blue Slay

Cuz she slay.

But stop killing us.