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CASE is a global organisation with 85,000 members across 42 countries. Some of our members operate in big departments at large institutions in mature professional communities. Some of our members operate in very small, very new teams at institutions in challenging parts of the world. What connects them is this — they all work hard to advance education to transform lives and societies.

To support the vital work that our members do, CASE has been developing a new cloud-based, online mentoring environment that can uniquely connect members with expertise to members who need to increase their skill set. This new platform allows our members to connect across all corners of the globe.

We now have an effective online tool that makes global connections easy and intuitive. With the help of our experienced education partner Aluminati, a global gathering of smart CASE staff and a great deal of consultation, the CASE e-Mentoring platform is now ready for testing.

Mentors’ Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is CASE providing this mentoring platform?

CASE wants to build online mentoring relationships within our membership community to help grow our profession across the world. We want to build resilience at our education institutions to develop their capacity to face challenging times. Additionally, we envision this platform supporting member engagement, talent management and thought leadership–with an eye towards delivering positive global impact.

What sort of people should volunteer to be mentors?

CASE welcomes the participation of all our members from vice presidents, directors and heads of teams to more early-stage professionals. You can be an effective mentor at any level:

· Mentors can be any age and at any stage in their career. It’s about sharing expertise.

· Mentors should represent all our communities of professional practice, including marketing, communications, alumni relations, fundraising and development services.

· Mentors can be from anywhere in the world. Examples: An alumni relations expert in the United States may be a brilliant person to help an African university start their alumni work. A marketing expert from Australia may be very helpful in Latin America. A U.K.-based social media guru may be in demand in Singapore.

Whatever age, stage, background or geography — our profession needs you.

What sort of time commitment does it involve?
You decide exactly how much you feel comfortable offering through this service. When volunteering as a mentor you choose from a list of mentor services that range from taking a few questions over email to offering work shadowing/experience opportunities. You stay in control, being able to modify your offered services at any time.

How many people should I mentor?

A mentor can decide how many mentees s/he wishes to accept. For those who are new to mentoring, it may be appropriate to engage with just one or two to begin with, monitor progress with them, and take on others as and when you feel comfortable to do so.

Do I have to accept someone’s mentor request?

The platform affords the mentor the opportunity to accept or decline a mentee’s request, dependent upon the information given by the mentee. If insufficient information is given initially, you may request more before making a determination.

Should I include an invitation to my place of work or for workplace experience?

This is entirely up to you. You can decide to offer a work experience invitation to someone whom you were initially mentoring over the phone. There are no rules as to how the relationship should progress.

How do I become a mentor?

To become a mentor simply go online to the eMentoring Platform. You will be prompted to provide initial profile information. There’s a handy function that allows you to quickly populate your profile information by using your LinkedIn profile (should you have one). Once you’re successfully signed on to the platform, you may switch on your mentor profile on your Mentor profile page by clicking the green “Activate Mentor Profile” button at the top of the page. You will be taken through a quick mentor set up process after which you will be searchable on the platform.

Mentees’ Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to work with a mentor near me?

The platform’s tools let mentees search for mentors by geographic and interest areas, with online ways to connect and share. CASE envisions this cloud-based feature as an integral means to provide its members a virtual global environment in which to collaborate amongst members.

What are specific forms of support offered?

Each mentor on the platform has indicated the types of support they are willing to provide. These may include:

· Advice via email

· Advice via telephone/Skype

· Advice via social media

· Review a CV

· Review an application

· Meet face to face at mentor’s location

· Work shadowing (observation only)

· Student internship

If I’m a mentee, can I also mentor others?

The strength of the platform is that it welcomes all professionals at all levels, with varied skill sets, so members can benefit from a mentor while themselves mentoring others by sharing their areas of expertise.

How do I become a mentee?

To become a mentee, go to the platform, simply complete your personal profile and then search for a mentor. Then send your prospective mentor a request to be mentored.

Bryan Daniels, Director of Promotional Marketing | CASE

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