Fundraising Regulator update

Now that the Fundraising Regulator has started to contact you about whether or not you wish to subscribe and pay the levy we thought it might be helpful to share what you have been reporting to us.

Since the start we have maintained that this is a decision that each institution needs to make based on how various factors relate to your institution. You have reported to us the following pros and cons to signing up:

We are all awaiting the conclusion of the consultation on the Fundraising Preference Service (FPS) from the Fundraising Regulator. You will recall that the proposal was for a ‘large red button’ to enable a blanket exclusion of contact, and a ‘small red button’ to exclude contact for named charities.

In our response we stated that the FPS would make more sense as a ‘whistle-blowing’ tool, where individuals who felt that their contact preferences were not being adhered to by a specific organisation could then report it. Like you, we await with interest the final recommendations for this new scheme from the Fundraising Regulator — more to come shortly.

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