The GDPR sets a high standard for consent — this IS possible!

Chris Rainford is the Business Development Manager at Buffalo Fundraising Consultants Ltd. In this blog he looks at how you can gain consent from you alumni.

When it comes to dealing with Personal Data, schools should look to rely on Legitimate Interests as grounds for processing as much of their Personal Data as possible. However, should you wish to use Personal Data for Direct Marketing purposes (i.e. fundraising) it will, in most instances, be a legal requirement to gain Consent.

The Manchester Grammar School (MGS) plans to continue with its Direct Marketing efforts to alumni and so partnered with Buffalo Fundraising Consultants to ensure they gain GDPR standard consent for their alumni.

To be valid, consent must be knowingly and freely given, clear and specific. It must cover your organization (e.g. MGS), the type of communication you wish to use and it must involve some form of positive action (e.g. ticking a box). The person must fully understand that they are giving you consent and you, in turn must keep clear records of to what individuals have consented, when and how the consent was obtained, so that you can demonstrate compliance in the event of a complaint.

Developing a solution to capture consent was a complex challenge and one that required the help of Protecture. Protecture has worked with the Fundraising Regulator on guidance for the sector and is regarded as an expert in the field on all issues surrounding data protection and consent.

MGS was delighted that Buffalo’s multi-channel Consent Capture solution has returned such strong results.

If you are interested in hearing more about GDPR, CASE have a number of sessions at this years CASE Europe Annual Conference including a GDPR session from Buffalo Fundraising Consultants taking place on Thursday 31st August at 11.45am.

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