Gender Diversity Is Alive And Well At CA!

By Rachel Ehrlich, Coordinator, Talent Acquisition

Within my first few days at CA Technologies, I began to feel CA’s strong culture of diversity and inclusiveness. I was both delighted and surprised to see programs, trainings and internal policies dedicated to the empowerment of women, the drive towards gender equality and the demand for diversity. Sitting at my first town hall, I heard the leadership team discuss the importance of diversity and I thought it was the coolest thing ever! CA has done a great job of building and enforcing its diverse culture.

I am proud of the efforts made specifically within my team, Talent Acquisition. It warms my soul when I see an abundance of women’s resumes within male dominated fields such as Finance and Engineering. When these resumes come my way, I can’t help but smile and feel a sense of girl power!

Perhaps most impressive are CA’s practices to ensure pay equity and parity across gender. Although there has been no state legislation put into place regarding screening practices around compensation, CA has taken the initiative to fully implement new policies across the globe. These practices encompass the pivotal things CA is doing that place them at the forefront of change. With CA’s help, women are breaking down gender barriers in the corporate world. It feels awesome to be a part of this avant-garde initiative! I hope other companies look at our practices and are inspired to follow suit.

Being in my role for several months now, CA Technologies truly continues to project an image of diversity to me. As a steadfast feminist and women’s right advocate, it feels great to work for a company that values the same ethics. As a woman, I feel like I’m valued equally to my male counterparts and I feel incredibly proud to work for a company that values diversity and inclusion within its walls.

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