System of Trust: Why the New IBM Z is a Game Changer

By: Ashok Reddy, General Manager of Mainframe for CA Technologies

Above: IBM Z is the next generation of Big Blue’s transaction system that, makes it possible to encrypt all data associated with any application, cloud service or database. Image Credit: Connie Zhou for IBM

Today IBM announced IBM Z14, the next generation of mainframe. As a key partner and ecosystem vendor in the mainframe software community, here are some thoughts about this latest announcement.

With the innovation that IBM has placed in enabling pervasive encryption for corporate data, enabling the Z14 to process up to 12 billion encrypted transactions per day — it is safe to say that what IBM has done here is to essentially make it possible for the Internet, at scale, to be pervasively encrypted, and therefore to be a System of Trust. And this is no small feat. Up until now, the degradation of performance associated with encryption on x86 has meant that less than 2% of corporate data is encrypted — greatly increasing the threat surface associated with data breaches.

With that in mind, here are three areas that we are particularly excited about to bring these innovations and its capabilities to our customers.

Data-centric Security and Privacy

The IBM Z14 will support businesses affected by new regulations that are swiftly coming into play, such as the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement and European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which are focused on data privacy. From finding and classifying to alerting and inspecting, IBM and CA collectively provide unified enterprise security that helps increase an organization’s compliance structure across new and existing mainframes.

Blockchain Transactions

The new innovation creates a system of trust, which combined with CA’s standards-based management and security services for blockchain, offers usability, speed, data centric security and enterprise scale. This will be important when implementing blockchain, as ultimately it is an internet of trusted applications that supports digital identity management relating to PII (personally identifiable information), big data and the Internet of Things. CA is also contributing services to the Hyperledger project which will run on IBM’s High Security Business Network (HSBN). This is great news for the developer community, to implement systems of trust with ease of use and agility.

Real-time Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

The new system will be the platform of choice for real-time machine learning and AI. When combined with CA’s predictive intelligent automation services, customers can operate their mission critical services with 100% SLA requirements. This is important to ensuring that the next generation of talent that is deploying and operating mainframes are leveraging the latest cutting edge operational intelligence and predictive analytics to work smarter than ever before.

All told, we are highly supportive of the new IBM Z14, an innovation that will continue to support our shared vision of a Connected Mainframe, which can deliver for some of our clients almost $200M application revenue, per year, according to a recent IDC study.

The new IBM Z14 mainframe is a game changer for many of our clients, enabling new business models and a new system of trust. Register now to join our Virtual Summit on July 26th and hear more about this and other exciting developments in this space:

Ashok is General Manager of Mainframe at CA Technologies

Ashok is General Manager of Mainframe for CA Technologies - responsible for the P&L, Strategy, and Development for CA’s portfolio of Mainframe products and solutions.