More predictable conservative complaints.
Todd Flora

I remember that list as I was in my 20s kindly trying to live trough them. I recall Pearl Jam’s “Avacado” album, which was alright, but not up there with Vs. or Ten (or even No Code).

One album that I thought was a brilliant anti-war record was Hypnotize/Mesmerize by System of a Down. Just so much anger pouring through the guitars and bass.

I think we are in a different time though. Even back then, our perceptions of facts and reality were being disturbed by the advent of reality TV (which is turns it is a very carefully managed TV production). But we were at least aware that we couldn’t continue to send our young men and women to the middle east forever and get back little american flags in return.

I think art will end up reflecting uncertainty. And that will make many people unsatisfied because we crave answers. But there is no real clear way America moves forward. Too many people are fighting with one another. Heck, people come here just to bitch about the fact that a guy from Massachusetts leans left (why that would surprise anyone is beyond me, and to be honest, if BS was a white guy from Texas and leaning right probably the bitching would be reversed).

I do hope that when the protests tire themselves out, and people are ready to listen to one another, we can actually have a civil conversation about where this world is heading.

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