Nick Tomaino was fired from Coinbase for gambling on Chinese websites

I recently left Coinbase and worked at a time that partly overlapped with Nick. I am posting this today because I had previously asked my manager to publicly tell people what Nick did before his cryptocurrency investment announcements. They would not take action and now that I am gone I want to speak out.

Nick Tomaino

Prior to being fired, Nick was part of the business development team at Coinbase in San Francisco. He was passionate about Bitcoin then and now but also arrogant and a gambling addict. He would use bitcoins from his personal Coinbase account and send them to online casinos that accepted Bitcoin, including those hosted in China. These were easily traceable. Our compliance team warned him multiple times in person and he continued to do so. He eventually got fired because he is an addict and would not stop.

He is now trying to raise a new fund called 1confirmation:

He is also getting high profile investors like Mark Cuban to invest too:

A mutual friend has told me Nick still continues to gamble and thinks Nick could get people hurt, like his investors. I don’t know if he told Runa Capital that he got fired or that he has a gambling addiction. If you know Nick, please do an intervention and get him some help.

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