I’m not saying Facebook doesn’t bear some similarities to 90s-era AOL.
Ev Williams

I remember reading a year or so ago somewhere that research on trending patterns for various age groups has shown that younger demographics are leaving Facebook for more instantaneous things like Instagram, Twitter, Periscope and other new media. Meanwhile, older age groups are beginning to latch onto the older social media outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

The irony is that parents of kids often lead the way onto social media as they seek to helicopter over their kids, so as older age groups migrate on, that seems to be the impetus that drives younger age groups away. The fact that Facebook is more of an older folks phenomenon anymore suggests that it has reached its peak, and eventually as the old fogies seek to retain some level of “young and cool” status, they will also eventually leave.

It’s not if Facebook will fall out of favor unilaterally…it’s a matter of when.

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