Spoiler Alert: Al Gore Lost His Own Effing Home State in the 2000 Presidential Election!

Here’s an interesting contrarian tidbit, involving some basic grade school math: Ralph Nader didn’t do shit to lose Al Gore the presidency in the year of our Lord, the Depends undergarment, 2000 A.D. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either a whiny cry baby or a dishonest opponent of the Democratic party’s left wing. In the 2000 presidential election, Al Gore lost his own God Damned state of Tennessee—for which he ostensibly served first as a Congressman, then as a Senator, for 16 God Damned consecutive years—by all of 80,229 votes.

How many votes did Ralph Nader get in Tennessee that year? 19,781 votes. That’s less than a fourth of the votes by which Al Gore lost Tennessee, all by himself.

Had Gore succeeded in winning his home state, like nearly every other presidential contender from a major political party in history, the chicanery and the mess in Florida would have been merely a sideshow.

Whatever Jill Stein supporters or “Bernie Bros” do this year is not worth your losing a modicum of shit anywhere on social media, particularly if you are friends with me on Facebook.

Thank you for reading this. I am sorry if it comes across as snippy.

Best Wishes,