Do you need to use CRM technology?

Once you find the perfect candidate what happens after that?

Your ATS doesn’t cover your candidates before they’ve applied so that’s out of the park.

Your solution? Start using CRM software.

Beamery is considered one of the most proficient CRM software. This tool makes sourcing for talent smooth. Beamery believes that online there is no customer or candidate. They focus more on relationships than resumes. As a recruiter, you can build and market talent CRMs.

Beamery’s ideal function is to automatically find social and professional candidate profile and aggregate them into rich data. This data is widely used by recruiters so that they can run their marketing campaigns. This is useful as then they can nurture candidates and train them effectively. These recruiters can also track website analytics for engagement. Statistically this has resulted to 400% increased response rate to reach active and passive talent.

For both the candidate and the customer this is fairly flexible. It lets the candidate change preferences, opt out anytime and assures that their data is protected.

Once the data is captured, it is segregated into campaigns, content and workflows. Recruiters find these analytics very useful and therefore consider this tool seamless and efficient.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash