The New Cutting Edge Of Recruiting

Inbound recruiting describes the bleeding edge of recruiting around the world today. Inbound recruiting is a method of strategic and targeted content for recruiting spaces with the main purpose of increasing employer branding and candidate experience. Just like inbound marketing, the technique is drawing customers to products and services through recruiting content from social media and search engine optimization.

Just like how product companies like to attract customers rather than go and acquire customers, inbound recruiting follows this strategy of attracting qualified candidates by building and maintaining a good brand recognition. The end goal of this is to attract and convert them to job applicants.

This form of recruiting engages with the candidates to lead into employer branding and employee value proposition. A few years back there was greater demand for talent which was not matched by the quality of supply. This created greed for talent. At this point, only companies with competitive advantages and brand could attract best talent making inbound recruiting feasible. This strategy creates a bigger pool of applicants, less effort up front and lasting power. With a bigger pool means that the candidates have a wide range of options to choose from, less effort should not be misunderstood as inbound recruiting requires a lot of effort to set up a solid strategy, whereas outbound strategy requires a lot of upfront effort usually in the form of scouting for candidates for the right job, which is avoided by inbound recruiting.

So in conclusion, inbound can create a more rigid system than outbound since a brand once set up cannot be tarnished easily.