Will AI take over without human data?

Artificial intelligence or AI as it’s commonly known is intelligence brought about by machines. This term was first coined by John McCarthy, an American computer scientist at the Dartmouth conference. AI processing includes learning, reasoning and self-correction. AI is usually associated with robots and machine learning mechanisms such as Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana.

There are two types of AI according to research, they are weak and strong AI. Weak AI also known as narrow AI is the system that is designed and trained to perform a particular task. Strong AI, also called artificial general intelligence is an AI system with human cognitive abilities so that while presented with an unfamiliar task, the system has enough values to find a potential solution to it.

As much as AI is appreciated and accepted, there are also claims on how it will harm society. There are several myths too, but all will be resolved as AI is a learning algorithm and becomes better every day. AI technology is a fairly complicated one. It comprises of robotic process automation which means the computer can process repeatable tasks that are performed by humans, it has machine learning which is basically teaching the computer how to run and act without programming, it has machine vision which makes the computer see, it has NLP or national language processing which processes human and not computer language and small stuff such as robotic engineering and pattern recognition.

AI, in today’s society has impacted a lot. It is applied in areas like healthcare, business, law, education, finance and manufacturing. AI uses chatbots and robots to diagnose faster and better, it helps educators and children in assessment and helps them to adapt to their needs, it has instituted finance applications and machine learning algorithms which basically perform most of the trading on Wall Street, it consists of question to question and answer to answer database which precedes the overwhelming documentation for law and improves the workforce efficiently when it comes to the manufacturing industry.

The only aspect that is terrifying with AI is the fear of the machine becoming too intelligent which in turn may lead to unintended and unforeseen consequences and loss of control. As myth states, that if this technology falls in the wrong hands, it becomes a destructive force of nature, but ironically only smarter and intelligent machines can overcome this. Overriding all the possible negative aspects of AI, it is strongly agreed upon that AI does enhance human life, strengthens the economy, increases automation, elevates the condition of mankind, solves social complex problems, benefits a plethora of industries, extends and expands creativity and most importantly absolves human beings of all the responsibilities.

In conclusion, AI is evolving a lot quicker than expected. It is meant to change the activities of mankind to make our lives seamless and resourceful. AI research is the most prestigious research in all the educational institutions and at this rate, we are bound to have a better future for generations to come!