Libby Zurkow, nonagenarian professor guest lectures at CBUHP

Libby Zurkow at LKSOM

Libby Zurkow — a realtor, writer, poet, chef, economist, activist, professor, and television host — wears many hats. Now, she can add guest lecturing at the LKSOM Center for Bioethics, Urban Health, and Policy to her long list of accomplishments.

Libby guest-lectured in Prof. Rocco’s class, Dying in the 21st Century, a solutions-based approach to living, aging, and dying well.

Libby shared her insights on aging, housing, dealing with loss, delivering bad news, caring for difficult patients, friendship, and more, with humor, sincerity, and candor to a class of diverse students — health professionals, hospital providers, and graduate students.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from this innovative class, Dying in the 21st Century!

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