The Importance of Press Tool Transfer and Repair

Press tools come in a range of forms and are instrumental in metal pressing machines to produce components in high volumes.

Tooling such as blanking, trimming, compound and progressive tools perform varied essential operations from blanking, to piercing and bending. Having properly functioning tooling in place will not only impact upon the product output capacity, but also the quality, lifespan and pricing of the products being manufactured. That’s why it’s so important for manufacturers to monitor their tooling equipment and repair and/or replace any worn, damaged or faulty press tools.

How is a press tool composed?

Generally, press tools are comprised of a number of elements which all need to function properly and work together to manufacture the most successful products:

· Shank: locates and align the press tool in the press

· Top plate: fixes the top half of the press tool to the press slide

· Bottom plate: fixes the bottom half of the press tool to the press slide

· Punch holder: the plate which allows for the punches of the press tool

· Punches: performs the cutting and non-cutting operations

· Punch back plate: prevents the hardened punches penetrating into top plate

· Die plate: is the mould or template for the component

· Die back plate: prevents the hardened Die inserts penetrating into bottom plate

· Guide pillar and bush: align the top and bottom parts of the press tool

· Strip guides: guides the strip into the press tool to perform the operation

· Stripper plate: strips off the component from punches

All of these elements determine the cutting force, stripping force and press force of the pressing tool and therefore the effectiveness of the operation and the product outcome. If any elements are not working properly or the tool is in need of repair, specialist tool transferring can refurbish the tool to increase its lifespan and reduce operational costs.

Specialist tooling transfer

Brandauer is a leading manufacturer of metal stamped components and specialise in expert tool transfers for established press tools. Their tool transfer service involves a professional tool evaluation to identify the tool type and the manufacturer’s specifications and required output. From here, badly maintained or worn tooling can be repaired and renewed as required, or altered to better meet the required specifications.

Using the latest wire/EDM and CAD/CAM technology, inspection systems and measuring machines, the team fully review the tools and propose improvements and the costs involved. They then apply the same technical and engineering skill to transfer and refurbish existing tooling as they do to the production of new tooling.

Ultimately manufacturers can benefit from maximising the lifecycle of their tooling whilst minimising maintenance and the costs of downtime throughout the production lifetime.

To find out more about their transfer tooling service or to discuss your bespoke requirements, please call the Brandauer team on (0)121 359 2822