Faith Forward

Shit happens. Jobs you’ve dreamt of pursuing can be crushed by a swift decision of a no. Your forever crush could finally tell you that she can only see you as a friend. You might not be as good of a football player as you thought. Shit seriously happens and often times we buy into that shit. And not just in a way where we believe and accept the realities of not being able to attain that thing we had originally set out to accomplish. I’m talking the way in which we let it completely crush our self esteem. We devalue ourselves. Our focus is locked onto the unfortunate. This inhibits our ability to bounce back, look forward and create new opportunity for ourselves. Sure, it’s important to reflect for a short period of time so that we can learn from mistakes, analyze improvements for the future and understand ourselves better. But to dwell, to focus our attention on the shit constantly and to move forward cynically living and expecting that same shit to happen to future endeavors is no real way to live. We must be strong, connect with ourselves and reroute our thinking as negative thoughts surface. There is not enough room for both fear and faith to coexist in the mind. It’s time to choose faith forward.