Eden: Lost Hymns

I once heard
From the lips of an ancient poet
That a flame is the soul of a maverick 
Or the anger of a burning serpent; 
I can't remember now

I wake up to the taste of God
Floating around on my wet tongue;
I have just bitten from the fruit 
That you asked me not to eat.

I wake up to the wrath of God
Floating in the air in front of my nostrils, 
And blazing swords swirling and swishing 
In between cherubs livid with holy anger.

I wake up to the smell of burning skin
Lingering in the air paces away from my cheeky smile;
Threatening to singe God's initials on my face 
And mark me to forever roam the earth, 
An untouchable.

I wake up to the taste of blood
Crying out to God from the patch 
In front of my big toe;
Blood of my kith,
Worlds away from Eden.

I wake up to the blank doors of Eden,
Heaven is stark naked before me
And yet she seems clothed in drapes
And drapes of silence.

I sleep a lot these days
And then I wake up to rearing storms;
To giant pieces of wood 
Swimming on large bodies of water. 
I don't know if this is faith or fate, 
But heavy logs float.

I wake up to the consequence
Of a deaf insect. 
Because Adam was one with the undergrowth, 
And he followed the corpse of Eve
Into the grave.

I dream of sinless persecution, 
Of lashes on innocent backs;
I see you bearing the weight of sins
That you didn't commit
And I learn to love again.