I have seen god;
In the dotted lines that signify 
A pause to our homeless conversations, 
Speeches roaming from lip to ear, 
A song drifting from string to heart.

I saw him in your eyes
When our hearts first communicated, 
When our hands first exchanged vows 
To have and to hold till death bridges the gap
Between me and you;
Or till birth broadens our view.

I heard him in your smile, 
When the decibels of your joy
Echoed inside the dank walls of my soul
And chased away my solitude.

I have seen god
In the love letters that you wrote, 
Thousands of minutes ago and hid
In between stone walls and damp holes, 
Solomon, I am a solo soul searching the sheets 
Of your poetry and finding little pieces of god.

I have seen god
In the Testaments of your trials, Thaddeus. 
These testimonies of teaching fishes how to bank
And showing weak limbs how to walk, they are littered 
With snippets of god.

I have seen god
In the pixels of your prayers, Peter, 
Pulling in piles of fish and pushing off
Ties with him - tell me, did you really need a cockerel
To remind you of dawn?

I am a yawn in the morning, 
And a yawn in the evening. 
I am a yearn when the sun
Learns to kiss the skies
And a yarn when man learns
To glimpse inside the eyes of God.

- CCBenji

Image taken in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria by Yours truly.
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