'The sins of the father shall not be visited upon the son'


The echo of the priest's voice rang through the empty deliverance room. The only chair in the room, a plastic chair, was occupied by Mama Timi. Her face was drained in tears as he watched her son sprawled on the uncarpeted floor.

Timi moaned. Pain seared through his body and clanged in his head. His hands and feet cramped with each shot of fury. His black eye rolled up and phlegm dripped off his mouth unto the hard ground.

'You want freedom?' The voice was eerie that echoed in his head. 'Do you want to be free?' The voice was no way above a whisper this time, yet, it was fierce. 'Just surrender yourself to me'.

'I surrender. I surrender!'

The priest turned. His left eye squinted. He grimaced and watched Timi closely. His hands and feet were still cramped and his frame on the floor was curled.

'So, you want to surrender now abi?' The white garment of the priest was soaked in sweat and his voice was hoarse. His right hand clutched an old bell and his left hand held a bottle of 'anointed oil'.

Timi lay still. The voice was gone now, the pain too. He struggled to rise up. He felt a cold breeze in his head, his lips opened...


The voice came from his lips but wasn't his. He fought back the rage the voice was stirring in him...his eyes were reddened with pain.


'How did he come about this?' The priest had brought another chair from the main auditorium of the church and was now sitting on it. Mama Timi gazed at him like she didn't get the question. She answered anyway.

'The spirit possesses the first male in my husband's family. It killed him. This same evil spirit killed my husband and has now come for my only son.' There were fresh tears in her eyes now. The tears rolled down her pained cheeks and streaked down to the corners of her mouth.

'Woman, worry not. This spirit will die today.'

Amen. Mama Timi nodded furiously. God just let this spirit let go of her son. It is not her fault that a deity is rejected by its followers.

The priest performed a short prance around the frame of Timi on the floor.

'Sister, go on your knees'. Mama Timi knew this drill. She had been here times without number. She dropped on her shaky knees, raised her hands in a mumbled prayer as the priest recited...

'In the name of the father, and of the son, and the holy ghost....' Mama Timi recited along. She knew the words.

Timi budged. He raised his head. A sly smile played on his lips and his eyes were bloodshot.

'This one is mine. You cannot take him'

Timi heard the voice from inside him, he felt his lips move. He knew he was possessed.


First published 10th of September, 2014 on Facebook. Edited for this entry.