Technology is Changing our World and Nigerians are Jumping in Faaast!

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Technology is growing fast. It’s important you realize this — if you don’t already know it. Technology is growing fast and providing endless opportunities and perspectives in the way we see our world. In Health, Education and Business, technology has begun to act as an intermediary between professionals and the market they interact with.

In Nigeria, young individuals are not sleeping on the new tech wave. We are steady moving rocks to find new lines of code and establish new designs which help make our day to day activities easier.

In May, 2018, the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, embarked on a tour of the tech hub of Nigeria located in Lagos State. During this visit, the President made strategic stopovers at Andela, African Fintech Foundry and many other tech-related investments in the Country to interact with the key players in the industry and relate with the general employ of each of the establishments.

During his visit, the Vice President touched on the importance of technology in the various sectors of the Nation and encouraged the explorations of technological interventions in several areas in the Country.

After what seems like a really long time, the Nigerian Government seems to be recognising the importance of technological advancements in the Country and support for small tech-related start-ups.

Sometime in 2016, Mobicure developed ỌMỌMI Mobile WEB and APP platforms “based on the WHO/UNICEF Childhood Survival Strategies which has a unique range of features that helps parents keep their children healthy by enabling them easily monitor their children’s health.”

The ỌMỌMI platform has been an intervention in the Health sector which has reduced the risks of Childhood Survival amongst mothers who have access to the app. With the OMOMI app, parents can keep track of their child’s immunization status, manage diarrhoea at home with an interactive DIY platform and access to speak to medical doctors as well as other parents.

Okadabooks is a start-up with special interest in making publishing and distribution of books easier for young writers. The start-up also ensures that people have unrestricted access to books by creating a platform where people can access books at affordable prices.

In November, 2017, published a report on the tech start-ups in South-East Nigeria and explained how stakeholders like, Mark Essien, owner of, are working to make sure that innovators and tech start-ups owners do not have to move to Lagos to establish their firms.

The list of tech start-ups in Nigeria is steady rising and this shows how much Nigerians are beginning to realise the importance of tech in the world and the place of innovation in the industry in Nigeria, particularly and Africa in general.

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