Upgraded dashboard. How to join Crypto Credit Card ICO

How to open an account to participate in C3 token sale. Step-by-step guide

Dear customers, thanks for the attention to our project Crypto Credit Card. This step-by-step instruction is prepared for you. We kindly ask to follow it. If you have any uncovered questions we are ready to help you in our Telegram group.

Several steps are needed for participating in C3 token sale:

  1. Account registration
  2. Depositing of funds
  3. Purchase of CCCR tokens

Let’s get familiar with all these steps! Let’s go!


1. Go to www.cryptocreditcard.io and click SIGNUP button

2. Click registration and enter your email

3. Check your email. We sent login and password for C3 account to your email address.

4. Done! Congratulations! You have an account on the Crypto Credit Card ICO platform.


Use our internal convertor for calculating the amount of money you want to deposit and the tokens volume you get.

Click BUY button and enter the amount of tokens you want to purchase.

Then, you will see how much you have to deposit in order to buy CCCR tokens.

Step 3. Make a deposit

First, you need to make a deposit in cryptocurrency, specifically ETH. Click REPLEINISHMENT and enter the preferred amount you want to charge.

After this you will see an ETH address. Copy it. Go to your ETH wallet or exchange and send funds to that ETH address.

Funds will appear in your CCCR account after the transaction confirmation from the blockchain network. It can take maximum 20 minutes to be proceeded.

Step 4. Buying tokens

When you made a deposit successfully, you can buy CCCR tokens. Click BUY button and enter the number of tokens you want to buy. In some cases, the process can take 10 min. You are done! Congratulations! You have CCCR tokens.

Please note, if you have any questions you can contact us in our Telegram chat.