New service Airdrop and Bounty

For whom is this new service?

1.For ICO companies.
2.For Airdrop and Bounty participants.

For ICO companies (FREE)

CCN.TOKYO Would Like To Present To All ICO Community Its New Services — Advertising Of Your Airdrop And Bounty Programs — Airdrop and Bounty page.

For Airdrop and Bounty participants

Where do you search for good Airdrop and Bounty programs?
CCN.Tokyo would like to inform you that we have just launched new services for Airdrop and Bounty participants — specially designed Telegram chats and channels. We offer you to find your next airdrops and bounties in our chats.
Why with us?
We have designed and specifically created 17 Telegram channels for different bounty works and 1 Airdrop channel where ICO companies place their ads for such works. You can select and subscribe to only chat or chats you are interested in.
To learn more, please visit Airdrop and Bounty page on CCN.Tokyo web site.

CCN.Tokyo Team

For questions visit Telegram support chat:

For questions visit Telegram support chat: